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All full instructional videos that introduce you to the forms are available from Tai Chi Productions ( While DVS provide a good introduction Dr. Lam recommends that you seek out a certified tai chi instructor to achieve the full benefits of the form.

All of our offerings are based on the tai chi for Health Institute's (TM) style of  teaching  that provides you with the one of the safest and quickest way to learn Tai Chi!

The Yang Style 24 Forms

Our Offerings:
Our Tai Chi for Health Offerings include:  Arthritis I&II, Seated Tai Chi, Ostoporosis/Fall Prevention, Tai Chi for Beginner Form, Tai Chi for Diabetes, Tai Chi for Kids, and Tai Chi for work
Our advanced offerings include:  the sun style 73, Tai Chi for Energy, Tai Chi for Energy II and the yang style

Whitecrane Tai Chi (TM)

A full Demonstration of the Yang Style 24 Forms

Tai Chi For Arthritis

Tai Chi for Energy

Sun Style 73

Class Offerings

We have recently relocated to Denver and are offering in-home private instruction.  Once we find a new studio we will publish the class times here